Connect your USB token which contains your DSC or Right click on the pfx file if you have the soft copy. Now open the Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Option -> Certificates -> Select your Certificate -> Click on Export -> Next -> No, Don’t Export the Private Key -> Select the 1st Option DER encoded Binary X.509(.cer) -> Next -> Browse the Location and Enter the File name to be saved -> You Public key is Exported successfully

Connect your USB token which contains your DSC or Right click on the pfx file if you have the soft copy. Now open the Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Option -> Certificates -> double click on your Certificate  Click on Details

Check for Key Usage Field (3rd Last Option)

Digital Signature; Non Repudiation Indicates SIGNING Certificate


Key encipherment indicates ENCRYPTION Certificate

Connect your USB token which contains your DSC or Right click on the pfx file if you have the soft copy. Now open the Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Option -> Certificates -> double click on your Certificate  Click on Details Under the Field name you can Find Serial Number

E Tendering Portals are relaying parties in a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) which rely on the certificates issued by the Certifying authorities. In case you have purchased a new DSC, you may some not be able to see the same for 24 hours. Please wait till that time for DSC registration.

Please make sure you have configured the browser as per the requirement of the respective E Tendering Website. Once you are done with the same, please restart the browser and try again

No, you need to obtain separate DSC for every organization. A class 3B DSC should be obtained for the same

You have to apply for revocation of DSC

You need to obtain Class 3B DSC which has the Organisation name along with the name of the Individual. You need to have proper authorization Letter from the Authorized Signatory of the Business to Obtain a Class 3B DSC.

Class 3A – Individual DSC is required for the same. For Complete Set of Documents and application forms, you may refer the Downloads section

E tendering Transactions are high value transaction. The E Tendering sites required data to the encrypted so that it can be read only by the intended recipient. A signing certificate merely authenticates your identity but doesn’t protect the data privacy.

A digital signature of Class 3 is required to perform E Tendering. However few sites may work on Class 2 Digital Signature as well. Further E Tenders also requires the Data to be encrypted, so you will require an encryption certificate as well. Class 3 DSC are issued after rigorous verification process

A digital Signature is required to authenticate your bids and documents while you participate in E Tendering.

Yes, you can use the same DSC on the MCA Portal

No, PAN encrypted DSC is not mandatory for MCA filings. However you cannot use the same for Filing Returns on Income Tax Website if the DSC is not PAN encrypted

This problem could be due to following reason:

– You have probable entered the Wrong DPIN of the Authorized signatory

– You have not done the Role Check of the DSC. Refer the above FAQ for Role Check

Probably you have not Updated Java Run Time Environment and Java Development Update Kit. These two components are essential for smooth Filing. You can update the same from Downloads Section ->PC Prerequisites

You can solve this problem by following these two Steps

– Add MCA -2 1 Portal to you trusted Sites

a. Open Internet Explorer

b. Choose Tools -> Internet Options

c. Click on Security Tab and Select Trusted Sites

d. Click on Sites Button

e. Enter the URL of the Site https://www.*.mca.gov.in in the box add this website to the Zone & click on add Button

– Turn off Pop Up Blocker for MCA Site

a. Open Internet Explorer

b. Choose Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy Tab

c. Un tick Turn On Pop Up Blocker

You have to enter the details exactly the same what you had filled at the time of obtaining the DIN.

You have to enable the Option “Always Run on this Site”

Yes, in case you have renewed you DSC you have to perform the role check on the MCA portal again with the Renewed DSC

Before Using the DSC and uploading the Form, It is mandatory to register the DSC on the MCA Portal (Role check). Every Director/ Designated Partners / Manager/ Professionals have to update their DSC against the Director Identification Number (DIN) or Membership Number in case of Professionals. Please follow the Link for registration https://mca.gov.in/MCA21/Rolecheck.html

Class 2A Digital Signature is required for Directors which is obtained in his individual name. If a person is director in more than one company, the same DSC can be used for filing documents for every company.

MCA 21 Services requires submitting the Forms electronically Via E Forms. A Digital Signature certificate is used to verify and authenticate the E Form

MCA 21 Services requires submitting the Forms electronically Via E Forms. A Digital Signature certificate is used to verify and authenticate the E Form

MCA Prescribes Class -2 DSC for Filing. However PAN encrypted DSC is not mandatory for MCA filings. You can use the same DSC for Income Tax Filings only if it is PAN encrypted.

Please refer the Procedure Here.

This may be due to reason like you DSC is revoked or it is not of the Required Class (Class 2 or Class 3).

Please use Internet Explorer (6 or above) preferably for Filing the Income Tax Return. Perform the following Steps Tools →Internet Option → Security → reset the setting to medium high, close and Tools → Internet Options → Security → Sites → add https://*.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in to TRUSTED SITES and reopen the Internet Explorer. OR Create a folder called ‘fake path’ in your C drive and store the XML in the folder. On BROWSE, select this file and upload.

DSC is valid for the Period of 1 or 2 Year as the case may be at the time of obtaining the DSC. You cannot use the DSC after its validity period. You have to get your DSC renewed after the expiry. In this case you will again get a new .pfx or .p12 file containing you DSC. You have to use the New File for filing the Return. The old file is now redundant and is of no use.

First Verify that you have put the PAN Number of the Person who is signing the Return and it is entered correctly. If the same is ensured, then you may have to check the DSC with the DSC provider and verify the PAN. If the PAN in the DSC is incorrect, you may have to get the same Revoked and obtain a Fresh DSC.

The assessee has can register his DSC at the time of Registration or Post Login into his Portal. Profile Settings → Register Digital Signature Certificate. Once DSC is registered, taxpayer has to use the same DSC while uploading the Income Tax Return.

You need to Create you account with the Income Tax Portal (https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/). For registration please refer here . Also Refer the FAQ on the Same. Once you are successfully registered you have to register your DSC with the Portal. You cannot Sign and Submit the Returns unless you have registered you DSC.

DSC used on the Income Tax Portal should be in .pfx or .p12 file format. DSC in USB tokens is also equally valid.

o, you can use the same DSC for filing the returns of the Partnership Firm, Company. Suppose Mr. A is Partner in ABC Associates, Director in XYZ Ltd, Karta in ABC HUF and he also wants to file his own Individual Return. In this Case Mr. A is only required to take DSC in his Individual name and he can file the return of all entity with the same DSC.

The Person who verifies and Signs the return has to get his PAN encrypted in the DSC. In no Case company’s, Partnership’s, HUF’s PAN number is encrypted in the DSC. Suppose Mr. A want to file return of the Company XYZ Ltd in which he is a director. Now Mr. A has to obtain a DSC in his Name which shall be PAN encrypted. This means Mr.A should submit his PAN Card for Obtaining DSC.

In PAN encrypted DSC, the PAN Number of the person obtaining the DSC is encrypted which is matched with the credentials while registration of DSC on the Income Tax portal. It is necessary that the person submits his PAN Card photocopy while procuring the Digital Signature Certificate.

DSC should be PAN Encrypted of Class 2 or Class 3, Issued by Valid Certifying Authorities (CA) like SafeScrypt, (n) Code, TCS, E Mudhra under the CCA (Controller of Certifying Authority). For a Complete List of all CA, Please visit Here

DSC is only issued to Real Individual Person. They cannot be issued to artificial persons like company, HUF, Partnership Firms. So the Directors, Partners, Karta have to obtain DSC in their individual Names.

The Person who verifies and Signs the Return has to obtain the DSC. For Instance the Following Person are required to obtain.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is mandatory for all assessee who are liable for audit u/s 44 AB of the Income Tax and all the Corporate assessee. Further Professionals like chartered Accountants who have to file audit reports & Certification on the Portal are required to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate. In case of other assessee’s DSC is not mandatory.

Please refer the Steps in the attached File for Alladin E Token / Auto Pass 1000.

Ensure that you have properly installed the Token Drivers. Now Connect your USB token which contains your DSC -> open the Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Option -> Certificates -> if you can see your Certificate, then your DSC is imported Properly

You have not probably installed the E Token Drivers. Kindly install the same from the Downloads section.

Yes, you can use your DSC without an E Tokens

An E Tokens securely store your DSC with Strong passwords. Further it provides mobility to your DSC when you have to perform signing on multiple computers. You digital signature is Vulnerable to key Compromise if many users access the same machine on which you sign the documents with you DSC. However the same can be avoided with the help of an E Token

An E Token is a smart card based USB device which is used for the Storage of you DSC.

Please refer the same under the downloads Section

You need to buy a Safe Exim Certificate issued by SafeScrypt only to organizations and Individuals having Valid IEC registration.

The Directorate General of foreign Trade (DGFT) is the agency of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India, responsible for execution of the import and export Policies of India. It was earlier known as Chief Controller of Imports & Exports (CCI&E) till 1991.

A digital Signature helps the Importer and Exporter to file Licenses application, Approval of application done online, Speedy processing of Transaction

You have to take backup of your digital signature in pfx or p12 format. If you have even deleted the backup file, then you have to apply for revocation and obtain a new digital signature.

You should apply for Revocation of the certificate and apply for new one.

A digital signature private has to be stored securely; you can do the same by

– Protecting the private key with good password

– Storing the digital signature in Crypto Tokens/USB Based Smart Cards or Tokens

– Protect computer from unauthorized access

A digital Signature can be revoked if the Digital Signature private key has been compromised, the subscriber details are changed, or change in relationship with the employer. For details on revocation you can contact support@softsecureinfotech.com

Yes you have to submit documents as per the digital Signature Class. Please refer the Product section for complete set of Documents required for obtaining Different classes of Signature.

Following Class of Signature are legally valid and used generally

– Class 2 Digital Signature: Here the identity of the person is verified against a trusted and pre verified database.

– Class 3 Digital Signature: This provides highest level of assurance as the certificate applicant has to prove his identity in front of the Registration Authority.

A digital signature (standard electronic signature) takes the concept of traditional paper-based signing and turns it into an electronic “fingerprint.” This “fingerprint,” or coded message, is unique to both the document and the signer and binds both of them together. It is essentially required to prove your identity in an electronic transaction.

In case of Hard copy signing, the message binds the owner of the message, but not so incase of digital world. E mails can the spoofed or manual signature on scanned copies can be duplicated, so a digital signature is used to achieve the properties of a manual signature. It establisher Authenticity (Establishing the identity of the Person who has signed it), Integrity (That the documents is unchanged after Signing it), Non repudiation (That the person who has signed cannot deny it later).

The Information Technology act has accorded authentication of electronic document by the means of digital signature issued by a licensed Certifying Authority under the Controller of Certifying Authority, Ministry of IT, India.

A certifying authority is a body entrusted to issue, revoke, and renew Digital Signature Certificate. The digital signature certificate of the applicant is signed by the CA. Under Sec 24, of the Information Technology Act 2000 a Certifying Authority means a Person who has been granted license to issue Digital Signature Certificates. A list of Valid CA in India can be traced at https://cca.gov.in/cca/?q=licensed_ca.html.

A digital Signature Can be used for

– Securing mail by signing and Encrypting the Same

– Signing PDF, Word, Excel Files

– Filing Income Tax Return

– Filing E Forms with the Ministry of Corporate affairs

– Submit of E Tenders , Bids.

You can apply for Digital Signature on www.applydigitalsignature.in. SoftSecure Infotech Private Limited is a Valid Licensed Registration Authority of SafeScrypt, CA in India.